Cold Lake Scuba Club Inaugurated Its New Compressor

The Cold Lake Scuba divers just unwrapped the best Christmas present a diver in the region could hope for, a brand new scuba compressor. The previous one was retired from service over two years ago, forcing local divers to travel to Edmonton to refill their air tank to dive our beautiful Lakeland region. Thanks to the dedication of a few volunteers, most notably Mr Ken Squire, the generous support of 4 Wing Real Property Operations and the workmanship of their local partner, Lakeland Fire and Safety, the Cold Lake Scuba club now has a state of the art Jordair cascade compressor. It is rated to refill breathing air tanks up to 3500 psi and is capable of easily supporting all local diving. It represents an investment of over 12 000$ in the recreational community. On the evening of January 15th, members of the Cold Lake Scuba club proceeded with a small ceremony to witness the refill of the first scuba tank. The club is actively working with PSP to finalise the administration required to resume their normal activities.